Mountain Gorilla Silver Back Rwanda1 Silver back Mountain Gorilla exploring the crops surrounding the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda2 Silver back Mountain Gorilla exploring the potatoes crops surrounding the Volcanoes Nat.Park in Rwanda3 Mountain Gorilla Displaying in Rwanda4 Mountain Gorilla Displaying in Rwanda5 Photographers silhouettes taking photos of the Lava Lake activity of the Nyiragongo Volcano,  from the summit6 Remain of the Shipwreck Dunedin Star,  on the Skeletton Coast of Namibia7 Shark's Egg ashore on a beach of the Skeleton Coast National Park in Namibia8 Cape Fur Seals Colony in a Sand Storm along the Skeleton Coast in Namibia9 Oryx in a mirage due to the Heat in the Hartmann Valley in Namibia10 Nocturnal Sky with the Milky Way over the Mountains of the Damaraland in Namibia11 Brown Hyeana in the dunes,  northern part of the Skeletton Coast National Park in Namibia12 Bones of Whales grounded on a beach,  northern Skeleton Coast National Park13 Sunrise over the dunes of the Skeleton Coast in Namibia14 Burchell's Zebra in the dust and the heat of the day in Etosha National Park,  Namibia15 Desert Lions in Damaraland Landscape in Namibia16 Desert Dwelling Lion from behind in the Damaraland in Namibia17 Dense Flock of Red-Billed Queleas at sunset near a water holes in Etosha National Park,  Namibia18 19 Giraffes in the dust and under the heat in the desert of Namibia20
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